Welcome to the Board Room

Our board room is ideal for business network meetings, family gatherings, and private functions.

The maximum number of people that fit in the room is 18  in classroom seating or 30 in boardroom seating. 

For presentations, we have an audio-visual system available.

If you want to hire the room, please check the calendar for availability, and fill in the form to make a booking.

The room is available for variable time slots, half-day or full-day sessions. (rates may apply)

For pre-booking questions, give us a call on 07-5770831


Meeting Table

Our entrance meeting table is available for gatherings of up to 12 people

The Raft Board Room

Board Room

Meeting Table

Meeting Table

Do you like the paintings in our board room?


The Raft Board Room Paintings

The Raft Board Room Paintings
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Note: If you wish to book multiple dates, each booking has to be entered individually.